Can’t keep up? Dispel these 3 myths and simplify your work at home day

Working from home is great isn’t it?

No problems with time, do your work when you want to. Have more time for the family. Plus a paperless office right? How can a home business like Internet Marketing which by definition is done over the web, be anything else except paperless? Well if your experience is anything like mine then it doesn’t quite work out that way. We all need to keep some records whether they be lists of passwords, web sites, to do lists, or stuff that we print off. Then of course there are all the papers which relate to actually running a home, utility bills, marketing letters.

The effect of having too much paper on your desk.

Ever walked into a vendors office and seen a paper jungle? Have you noticed how difficult it is for that Vendor to find your file? What does this tell you? It is very unproductive and time wasting. There are a number of myths surrounding this situation which all apply to the home office just as well as the corporate one.

1. I know where everything isso what is the problem? Research has shown that if you have two people, one with a cluttered desk, and one without, that even though they both say they can find anything the cluttered desk person will take up to twice as long. This means wasted time – can you afford this ?

2. A desk which is cluttered is a sign of a busy mind. This is simply not true because what a cluttered desk means in reality is that every piece of paper which is not being attended to at this moment is a sign of an action not yet taken or you haven’t made your mind up yet. This means that you will have to come back to that paper and make that decision later, which in turn means you will have to start the decision process all over again.

3. I need to have that paper with me to remind me to do it.

If you adopt this approach then you will find that such pieces of paper get lost in all the others and this means that they will not act as reminders. If you come across it later by accident then it will act as a reminder but the problem is that it may be too late.

We have all been there haven’t we? I have been one of the biggest culprits in doing the cluttered desk game. I call it a game because that is effectively what it becomes. Find the piece of paper game. There is a way out of this and we will go through this in another article (watch this space).

Suffice to say for now if this article gets you thinking about how much precious time you waste by not dealing with pieces of paper once and once only then it will have done  some good. Enjoy!


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