Do you make these Internet Marketing Expectation mistakes?

I wonder how many of us have been in the situation where we ask this question?

Could it be that we need to make some money fast but:

1. We have tried to get started with Internet Marketing and can’t make a go of it

2. We haven’t started and have heard so many negative comments

3. We don’t know anything about it so we are afraid to try it?

4. It all sounds like a load of technical jargon which we don’t understand.

There are a lot of negative comments about Internet marketing out there on the web and many with good cause. The trouble is that many of the Vendors set expectations that are way too high for most mere mortals like us.

Thus we see offers to reward us overnight with thousands of dollars, and we are told that we don’t need to do anything. Get real – how often in life does this work out? If any of these schemes (and that’s what they are), could produce this type of return it begs the following question:

Why is the Vendor asking for us to buy his product when he should be totally retired

So let’s get real about Internet Marketing and put down some expectations which are sensible.

1. Internet Marketing does not make you rich overnight – sorry but this is not the way it works. It is absolutely true that the potential buying public for your product is in the billions but it simply doesn’t work that you take a product from the shelf, put it on the web and it sells immediately. I read a write up from an ex Vendor  who had been offering the rich overnight approach and he admitted in this article that he had made this money himself. So far so good. But then he stated that the only reason he had done so was because he already had an email list of Clients of 10,000. In other words he was immediately able to sell to his own customer base and make this type of money. Most of us don’t walk around with a customer list of 10,000 people – we are lucky if we know any at the start.

2. Internet Marketing is not a business where you need do no work – sorry but again it doesn’t work this way. What some Vendors offer in this area is their own scheme where they have templates and web site creation software which can give you so much of a start. Problem 1 – it is going to cost you – often big time up front. Problem 2 – you still have to find your products and your buyers.

3. Internet Marketing is not a business where you don’t have to learn anything – sorry but like most things in life you actually have to do some learning or training to get into this business. There is a lot of training information out there for sure – some better than others. Again though beware. I recently looked at a new approach to marketing articles and it sounded very interesting. It was only a small investment to get a series of six classes with all the details. This worked out okay, but what saddened me was that as you went through the registration process there were 15 yes 15 hard sale approaches for training materials, which truly put me off.

So here is my recommendations if you are needing another revenue stream and are considering Internet Marketing. Set your expectations as follows:

1. You will make money in the longer term – say six months, but the good thing is that it is recurring – in other words when you are asleep the web is still there and selling your products.

2. You will need to do work – period. How fast you make money will often be related to how much time you spend on this IM. If you set aside one hour per day you obviously will not make as much progress as if you set aside 4 hours per day. But it’s up to you.

3. You will have to go through a learning curve.  Don’t worry about whether you are too old to do so, or haven’t done any for ages – doesn’t matter. I have found some really excellent materials which are aimed at all folks no matter what their backgrounds.

4. Set out with an expectation to spend as little as possible, and then make this a rule. You can buy lots of things in the IM world for lots of dollars but what’s the point if you don’t know what they are? Research the web for all the free information you can and then decide what to buy. My rule always is what do I need – can I find it free on the web?

5. Go for reviews of Internet Marketing work and read them before you leap in. Find one where the person who is recommending the approach has actually done it him/herself, and explains it in details.

I hope this helps you to make that start in Internet Marketing – because it is a great business!

 Wealthy Affiliate

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