Goal Setting or Not?

When you are starting your on-line business or indeed at any time during your on-line business career it is very important to remember to set goals for yourself and the business. All corporates do this so why not you?

What good does it do – well it enables you to judge how well you are doing against those goals or objectives which you set yourself so long ago, (such as last week or last month)!

Will you meet all of your goals – doubtfull because other things will get in the way such as new business opportunities. If the trend is that you are achieving more goals than not you are on the right track – but how do you know?

I always look at goals over a monthly period so that gives me time to actually work on those goals and achieve something meaningful. The most important thing to do though is to analyse honestly why you did not achieve those goals that you didn’t.

The reason is clear. If you can honestly agree with yourself or your business partner or whomever why those goals were not met then you can do something about it over the next month and so on.

Doing this review is critical and it is important to write down why you have not reached each goal and to set up an action plan to put this right going forward.

Is this a big form filing exercise – no it’s not. You can do this on the proverbial back of an envelope (do we have these today in the electronic age), or make an electronic note in your notepad. Then once you have decided what went wrong and how you are going to put it right, stick these new action plans where you can see them.

I have  a visible note pad on my sidebar and it contains my action plans, so I can look at it each time my laptop fires up. Usually this is in the morning and that is a real good time to make that mental note to work on these points.

One area where we all need to be very carefull as we work at home is that of distractions. It is so easy to get distracted and to decide that the main thrust of our work can wait whilst we do something else. What I am thinking of here is not the household jobs which we can always schedule our main work around.

The sort of distractions I am thinking of are the endless videos and super long emails which we are all sent with such messages as “you just have to watch this or you will miss millions etc” A very large percentage of these that I have recieved lead to little information and a request for my money. I don’t watch them any more.

You need to concentrate on you main stream effort to get that business up and running.

Good luck, enjoy and from the start, set yourself those goals, as this will enable you to measure how well you are doing and avoid going down avenues which lead no where.

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