How to be an organised planner in your work at home business

Just starting your business at home. Got everything organised and planned?

Most of us don’t spend as much time as we should looking into how organised we should be. Does it matter? Well I think it does for a number of reasons.

  1. Wasted time is potentially money lost time. If you aren’t doing something which is going to produce money for you then it shouldn’t be done.
  2. If you don’t have  a plan of what you should be doing how do you know if you are going in the right direction and doing the right things?
  3. If you allow yourself to get distracted then you will not be using your time efficiently.

So if we need to be organised what does this mean in reality and how do we know when we are?

What would help is a plan by the day, week, month. It’s not as difficult as it sounds.

With the business it is always good to have  a three month rolling plan – what does this mean? Well we start at the beginning by planning three months out.

A three month plan.

This might be:

Define and research six new niches

Establish three new websites

Set up a local marketing approach

Month by Month Plans

Then you can break this down into what you need to achieve each month and then down into each week, to achieve the month by month plans..

The rolling bit is as follows:

At the end of month one you sit down and review what you achieved from what you intended to achieve. Will you have done everything – probably not, but you might have done something in addition.

So you then look at month two and three and adjust the plan for them based on what you got done in month one.

You also then plan month four which trickles down until you have the weeks worked out.

It does not take long to do this but it gives you a way of judging how much you are doing – how much work is required and whether you are working enough hours each day, to achive your objectives.

After the first three months, some people even before this, you will know what is the right time schedules and what you can do in the time available to you.

So give it a go, and if you need tools – I simply use Errands which is on iPad or you can use windows calendar, both are free and useful.

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