How to recognise a good Internet Marketing Start Up Offer?

If you look at the offers that you get coming into your mail boxes as a would be  Internet Marketer, they all seem to address the same approach. You don’t have to do anything at all. Just take these offers, pay your money and the new system will do it all for you. How can you afford to miss out on this sort of offer?

Well I think there are a number of factors here that mean you should simply press the delete key.

  1. Firstly these offers do not give you any lasting learning experience. You know yourself in life if you don’t make a cake yourself then you will not know how to do it if you are asked.
  2. Secondly these offers do not give you true value for money as they often come back later for more money for yet another offer that you cannot refuse.
  3. Often these offers are for you to get massive amounts of money for as little as $10, or more usually $37. In life how realistic is this?

So if this is the case what is a good Offer?

I would like to suggest that a good offer will present you with the following:

  1. Primarily it must be  a learning experience. The reason is simple – you want to learn how to do something, become independent and make your own way in the world – not one where you follow the dictates of others.
  2. It must be one that helps you build your own thriving on line business. Anyone can give you a one off or as they say a one trip pony, but a true offer will help you build your own business which is quite a different scenario.
  3. It will be one that allows you freedom of expression but teaches you all the techniques you need to actually use that expression. So if you want to build a business based on widgets or butterfly collecting or cooking, it will give you the basics to be able to do any or even all of these.
  4. It will use modern training techniques which will all be available to you and are regularly updated. So often I see offers of books which are even free some times but are old and don’t really tell you much.
  5. The offer will have  a reasonable price because nothing is free in life is it?
  6. Finally in my ideal offer I want to see a forum included where I can ask questions of people who have done this before and therefore have had the good and bad experiences we all go through when learning a new area of expertise.

So this is my definition of a good offer. It will  be a reasonably priced, learning experience where I will use modern training methods, and will be able to build my own business as I want to. When I get problems in this new venture I will be able to actually contact people in the learning experience for advice.

How does this sound – a one stop offer that does all this must be worth following up right?

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