Working at home – some tips

There are many papers giving advice on how to work at home. From our experience what you probably need is a few guidelines to get you started and then you will work it out from there.

Here are the guidleines which we found to be most important as you get started. Enjoy!!

  1. Make a daily time slot for your work and try to keep to it.
  2. If you have a partner or family tell them what you are trying to do and that you will need this time slot most days.
  3. Schedule your time slot to the quietest time in the home.
  4. Make plans with small tasks as these are easier to achieve than very large tasks.
  5. Set goals each month.
  6. Monitor yourself against these goals .
  7. Decide the reasons why any goals were not achieved.
  8. Set an action plan to catch up and not to allow goals to not be achieved.
  9.  Only file the material you really need.

10. Review the way you work and decide if you need to do everything you are doing.

11. Make  a note when you achieve a goal and give yourself a pat on the back. Tell the family or your partner.

12. Celebrate when your goal achievement rate is going up.

13. Network with others though forums like Wealthy  Affiliate University and realise we are all in the same boat you are in and we are all trying our best to make progress.

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Getting Started with Wealthy Affiliate

Well as it’s free for you as a Starter Member just go inside WA and have  a look . You may well be surprised at how much you find inside the WA as there is a great deal there. I would like to suggest that you have a look at the following:

Firstly on the left hand side way down are three links which are under a heading of recommended training:

Getting Started

A warm welcome

Learning how WA works.

My suggestion is that you start with reading the warm welcome and then go on to Getting Started, which is the first set of training . I would recommend though that each day you take a 15 minute break from the training session you are on and take a look at one or two other areas that are on your dashboard. This will give you an excellent background to what else is available to you. Initially spend some time just browsing through the starter  course so you can see the whole picture of what you are going to be learning. Let’s just say one thing up front. The course can easily be done in thirty days but there is no obligation on you to do so. The beauty of WA is that you can work at whatever pace you want. If you click on getting started and then use the next page button you can go through the whole course to get an idea and then make a start.

If at any time you want to go to another page than the one you are on look at the top right of the page of the course you will find “change page” and if you click on this you will be able to go to any of the 10 pages of training.

So if you want to go to Wealthy Affiliate to get started, just click in the box below and enjoy!!

Wealthy Affiliate Review

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