So your retirement might not be happening right!

Senior Citizens

20%  of Brits think they will never be able to stop working.

Wow, that’s some statistic isn’t it? Can you imagine this and where do you fit in? Are you one of the 20% or one in five?

Is it something just for Brits?   Not so says an article in the Sky News recently. Apparently the figures are similar for the US – 18%, France – 12% and the same in Hong Kong.

It gets worse. Continue reading

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Stop planning – Start doing; is it that simple?


Well is sounds  fine but in our work at home business – planning versus doing – what’s the right mix?

Often I see very good articles which tell us to stop planning and start doing. I can understand the thrust of these articles but when you start a work at home business not everyone has the ability to plan, and some that are planners may be the perfectionist type who end up with planning paralysis.

How do you get it right then? Continue reading

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Keeping fit in your Work at Home business.

Keeping fit - no gymA recent article in the UK Daily Mail quoted a report by the University of Utah which concludes that several short bursts of activity per day has the same effect as longer but less frequent spells of exercise.

They suggest that the following might be advisable:

  1. Taking the stairs at work instead of the lift,
  2. Parking further away from the office or the shops
  3. Getting off the bus one stop early.

Well this is terrific if you go to work but what about when you work at home? Continue reading

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Why you shouldn’t create a home business!

Stop don't do it!



The 5 best reasons why you should not create a home business.



Firstly it will take a lot of your time. Continue reading

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Why create a home business?

Home businessIf you speak to anyone who has created a home business you will learn that it is not easy.

  • They will tell you that it is hard work, and takes a lot of your time.
  • There will be many setbacks as you get going.
  • Money will not come in for a while and when it does you will need to spend some on the office and so it will sometimes be years before you make any real money for yourself.
  • The other problems which come along are that the world changes and suddenly your products are not wanted any more and you have to change.

Well let’s be realistic.  

Continue reading

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How not to lose momentum.

losing momentumHave you ever lost momentum for a project or a business venture or for your home based business? Ever felt guilty because you haven’t done the work you should have done today or this week?

Ever felt guilty because the family was relying on you doing something and you didn’t?


Why does this happen? Continue reading

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Don’t rely on the lottery funding your retirement.

buy your lottery tickets hereAn article  in the Express Newspaper today in UK gives details of research by the Equity Release Council (ERC) which shows that one in four Britons are banking on a lottery win rather than saving regularly for a comfortable retirement. The chances of winning the lottery are some 14 million to one against winning anything so you would have to live for a rather long time to be sure of a win.

There is a more serious side to this though isn’t there? Continue reading

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Pensioners Need To Work.

Pensioners need to work

In the Mail online newspaper today in the UK the stark headline is that 2 million pensioners have less disposable income than an 11 year old child – can you imagine this? What this means is that for pensioners to exist they have to go out to work or collect food vouchers to make ends meet. I have no doubt that this situation exists in many other countries as the austerity measures begin to bite.

Is it the same in your country? Continue reading

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Writing clearly is important.


Doesn’t this sound obvious – if you want to get an idea across then you need to explain it clearly.

Writing clearly is important if you want to get a result by doing the writing, but it is not easy to do properly.

I have spent years in the corporate world writing

  • Proposals for projects
  • Proposals for the money to fund those projects
  • Presentations to get agreement from a Company Board or a committee
  • Presentations to show the progress on a project
  • Presentations telling people something they didn’t want to hear.

Without wanting to blow my own trumpet many of these proposals and reports were to very high up Executives in Global organisations. One slip up and you were not Mr Popular believe me.

What has this got to do with writing clearly you say? Continue reading

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home based business emotion.


When we start a home based business the emotional scenario is great – we have all the hype to keep us going emotionally don’t we?

  • We are the boss to whom we have to answer
  • We control our own destiny
  • We work when we want to
  • We can take a break and enjoy the sun, or the kids or a walk

Life is wonderful isn’t it? Continue reading

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avoiding internet marketing scams.


Ever since we started Hudson Rickman we regularly get between 10 and 20 scams in our inbox each month. They seem to come in waves – you know get one today and four tomorrow and then another one and so it goes on.

If we were to subscribe to each of these the amount of money we would have to pay out would be substantial.

How does it start? Continue reading

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Learn online business internet marketing.

online learning

Of course it depends where you are in the learning cycle as to whether you think you can learn online business internet marketing. When we started Hudson Rickman we were at ground zero – we knew very little!

Learning on line is not a major issue.

It has good cost advantages:

Continue reading

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Why choose on line learning?


Online learning is becoming more and more popular but is it really something you should do? Isn’t the classroom approach much better at getting results?

There is a huge debate about this at the moment, and many people are divided on this subject.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages to try and make a recommendation.

Advantages are: Continue reading

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Who needs home business planning?


So you have a home business which you are about to start or maybe you have been at it for some time.

The question is do you need planning?

Is it worth it?

Let’s look at the facts. Continue reading

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Why home business goals?


It appears that less than three percent of people actually set goals and achieve them – does that statistic surprise you – it did me.

I come from a long corporate background where having goals was the way of life end of. So when we set up Hudson Rickman it was natural to set goals for the business and to measure our progress against them

So why do people not set goals for their business? Continue reading

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