Don’t do keyword research!


Keyword research can be a real pain. It can take a lot of your time and really it is not guaranteed to be successful. So you could say don’t do it. Why bother doing it anyway – can’t you just write an article or set up a blog and write what you want with any old title?

Yes you can – absolutely no problem and in the days when we were just starting Hudson Rickman we freely admit that we did just that.

Is this the right way?

Then we started to think about the process of web searching and it goes something like this:

When I want to find something on the web I go to my search engine (Google, Bing etc),  and enter what I think is the best combination of words to find something. Let’s take an example.

–        I enter jewellery and 235,000,000 results come back although I will only look at the first 10 on the first page

–        I then enter best jewellery, worst jewellery, cheap jewellery, jewellery UK and so on as I search for the jewellery  I feel I want to buy.

The key point is that what I put into the web is what I think. My wife may put in something very different but the key word will be jewellery.

Let’s take this a bit further.

You are wanting to sell your jewellery on the web. There are many ways to describe the jewellery that you make. How are you going to decide what words you should use so that people who search for your product on the web will find YOUR product. Just think about it – you are competing with all the other jewellery vendors in the world and you need to find some unique selling point that makes your product come on that first page of Google.

The way to do this of course is by carrying out keyword research. If you don’t it’s like putting the needle into a haystack and asking people to find it – nigh on impossible.

Keyword research will tell you:

  • What words people are using to search for jewellery now.
  • What is the competition in terms of jewellery articles on the web (remember the 235,000,000).
  • What key words have less competition.
  • Whether certain keywords are worth using or not.

This takes time.

I can spend up to 30 minutes just to get the keywords for one article. But I know that if I don’t I will have less chance of people finding my article. That is not something that is good use of my time, so the use of keyword research is an essential part of my daily routine.

I use  a tool for this which we at Hudson Rickman recommend. It is called Jaaxy and you can try it before you have to pay any money out to see if it is worth it.

So don’t do keyword research if you want to bury pins in haystacks. Personally I would rather do the research than lose the pins!

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