Your Concerns?

1.       I don’t know anything about the web. 

You don’t need to. All the training you need will be found in the Wealthy Affiliate University.

2.       I couldn’t do a website.

I thought that as well. I had used the web for many years but never put a website together. The instructions which are given are very good, and this website is the outcome. If you have any difficulties, and you won’t be the first one, then you simply ask away until you get it right. The Wealthy Affiliate  has been running since 2005, so almost all of the problems you might have will have been encountered by someone before you. It really helps to have the ability to contact someone at Wealthy Affiliate. There is also a  forum and you can find answers there as well.

3.       I can’t write very well.

Don’t worry. The articles course will guide you through how to write articles. I did this course also and found it to be extremely useful. I also got all my articles published by Wealthy Affiliate  –  you don’t have to do anything except write.

4.       I can’t do this.

I am a great believer that if you don’t try you will never know. Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership is free so why not give it a go, nothing to lose, (please click on the link below to Wealthy Affiliate).

5.       I am too old to do this.

Age is not an issue. I am retired and am well over the hill as they say. I started this course and had no issues at all with being old. The course is designed for you to work at whatever pace you want to, and age is never even discussed.

6.       I don’t have  a network of contacts so it won’t work for me.

You don’t need a network of contacts to start the business. Wealthy Affiliate  will help you build a network anyway.

7.       I don’t like asking questions.

I agree that it is difficult sometimes to ask questions but in this case you will be talking to people by email and this makes it much  easier, so don’t worry.

8.       I am a dummy!

I beg to differ. If you have got this far you are not. The Wealthy Affiliate University assumes that you need coaching from the beginning in all steps and provides it.

9.       I never went to university.

Don’t worry, there is no need to have gone to University at all. This is a relaxed informal environment where you go at your own pace.

10.   I am hopeless at working on my own.

The course helps you to set up goals for yourself and this helps in getting the course done. I also have put together a post which looks at what not to do when you are working on your own.

11.   I have three kids as well – there’s no time for this.

When I went to college many decades ago we had three small children and my wife went out to work to keep us afloat. So I know exactly what you mean. It is all a case of working round the things which must be done and making the business happen. I have put together a post on this also.

12.   I have never run a business.

Don’t worry, the course shows you all you need to know to run this business. I don’t believe the other vendors who claim to sell you a system that runs itself. You will need to spend some time to get the business up  and running but think how good you will feel when that happens.


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